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SIMC Seoul Seminar (In-person)
"The Future of ADR Practitioners: Trends in Asia, ESG, Advocacy & Fee Models"

I Event Description

In an international business landscape fraught with uncertainties from an unending war in Ukraine, a slew of climate catastrophes unfolding across Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas and a Covid-19 pandemic which could suddenly morph into yet another global medical emergency, this two-panel event examines the future of ADR practitioners as problem solvers and dispute resolution specialists to serve their clients better.


Join us for this conversation as companies grapple with ESG (environmental, social, and governance) criteria and the implications that this “green wave” will have on the practice of international mediation as the world strives for a more sustainable future.  

Session 1 : Recent Trends in International Mediation and Fee Models: an Asian Perspective

Industry veterans will discuss exciting developments and inroads made in international mediation and what can be done to make mediation more attractive to practitioners. Come gain insights into fee models in different jurisdictions, including conditional fee arrangements and front-loading approaches to incentivize greater use of mediation in resolving international commercial disputes. This will give prominence to mediation advocates, and establish mediators as a self-standing profession, while, at all times, keeping client’s interests front and center.

Session 2 : Opportunities in ESG, Green Mediation and Advocacy

Drill into the opportunities presented by the move towards ESG (environmental, social, and governance) requirements across multinational deals and projects. Find out about the advocacy skills and domain expertise that counsel and mediators will need to resolve the international disputes which will invariably arise. These will come not just from new, greenfield projects, but also in the conversion of existing ‘brownfield’ plants, buildings, infrastructure, and technologies into more sustainable ones.


While mediation is already an efficient, cost-effective way to resolve disputes, it also lends itself well as a governance tool in providing redress — well-run companies have fewer and shorter disputes and are therefore more sustainable.  

I Program 

  • Date:  8 November 2022, Tuesday

  • Time: 13:00 - 15:00 (KST)

  • Venue: Peter & Kim Seoul Office, Trade Tower 38F

  • Host:

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I Program Details

Welcoming Speech : Kevin Kim (SIMC Board Member; Senior Partner, Peter & Kim)

Opening Speech : Steve Kim (Secretary-General, KCAB INTERNATIONAL)

Session 1 : Recent Trends in International Mediation and Fee Models: an Asian Perspective

  • [Moderator] Kevin Kim (SIMC Board Member; Senior Partner, Peter & Kim)

  • Yun Jae Baek (Co-chair, International Dispute Resolution - Yulchon LLC)

  • George Lim, SC (Chairman, SIMC)

  • Jinhee Kim (Head, Global Dispute Resolution - Jipyong LLC)

Session 2 : Opportunities in ESG, Green Mediation and Advocacy

Discussion / Q&A : 

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