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KMLA - SCMA Joint Seminar (In-person)
“Study on the Cases and Procedures of Maritime Arbitration in South Korea and Singapore”

I Event Description

The event is jointly held by Korea Maritime Law Association and Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration. A speaker from each group shall give a presentation on main aspects of maritime arbitration in South Korea and Singapore.


One of the most popular fields for arbitration in resolving a dispute is maritime area. The participant could enjoy the most updated aspects and issues on maritime arbitration especially in South Korea and Singapore. 


   South Korea

  • The overview of the maritime arbitration in Korea (case statistics, arbitrator pools, etc.)

  • The recent attempt to boost the maritime arbitration in Korea – establishment of Busan Asia Pacific arbitration center and Seoul Maritime Arbitration Association, publishing of standard forms by KCAB

  • Korean commercial code applied in case Korean law applied in the maritime arbitration – voyage charter chapter and time charter chapter including short time bar.
    Introduction of recent maritime arbitration cases where the standard voyage charter terms for the carriage of commodities were at issue


​   Singapore

  • Using SCMA Arbitration Rules – Perspectives of Maritime Arbitration from the SCMA

  • Extent and limits of powers of arbitrators in Singapore-seated arbitrations

  • Case Study – Setting aside arbitration awards before the Singapore Courts

I Speakers

  • Mr. Lee, Chul-Won (for KMLA, South Korea)  Kim & Chang

  • Chan Leng Sun (Senor Counsel, Duxton Hill Chambers)  
  • Mr. Lee, Shi Yan (for SCMA, Singapore) SCMA  

I Program

  • Date: 31 October 2023, Tuesday

  • Time: 12:00 - 14:00 (KST)

  • Venue: Hearing Room 4 at KCAB, Trade Tower (18th floor), Samsung-Dong, Seoul

  • Host:

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