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Secretariat - Panel Discussion
Managing Expert Evidence and Recovering Costs in Arbitration: Insider Perspectives and Strategies

I Event Description

Delve into the intricate dynamics of arbitration costs and expert management at the Seoul ADR Festival. In the first of two sessions, panelists from Secretariat Advisors, Young Canadian Arbitration Practitioners (YCAP), and Kim & Chang will explore issues and strategies for claiming and recovering costs in arbitration. Taking as their point of departure the findings of an illuminating new survey of arbitration costs in Canada, the panel will discuss the landscape of arbitration costs in the Asia-Pacific region and will share insider tips and techniques for maximizing cost recovery in arbitration. 


The second session will then consider in detail one crucial species of arbitration cost: costs relating to expert evidence. Our panel of experienced testifying experts from Secretariat Advisors will share their insider tips and perspectives for effectively managing the costs of expert evidence at every stage of the arbitral process. Along the way, they will provide practical guidance for securing the right expert for a particular case, for determining the optimal scope and depth of expert assessments, and for designing cost-effective procedures for the taking of expert evidence.


Whether you are approaching these topics from the perspective of party, legal counsel, or arbitrator, this event promises a deeper understanding of cost dynamics in arbitration, as well as practical insights for effective cost management and recovery in the arbitral context.

I Objective

Empowering Arbitration Stakeholders with Comprehensive Insights into Arbitration Cost Dynamics and Expert Management Strategies

I Program

  • Date:  30 October 2023, Monday

  • Time: 16:00 - 17:30 (KST)

  • Venue: Kim & Chang conference room, Crescendo Building75,Saemunan-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, 03182, Korea

  • Format: In-Person, English only

  • Host:


  • Supporting Organization:


I Speaker

  • Matthew Christensen, Senior Foreign Attorney, Kim & Chang (Moderator)

  • James Chun, Foreign Attorney, Kim & Chang

  • Bruno Savoie, Foreign Attorney, City-Yuwa Partners

  • Inkoo Lee, Manager, Secretariat

  • Amit Garg, Managing Director, Secretariat

  • Chaitanya Arora, Managing Director, Secretariat

  • Jeffrey Wong, Managing Director, Secretariat

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